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Zero Food Waste

Food waste in restaurants is an often unreported but growing problem. In the UK alone pubs, restaurants, take-aways and hotels generate 600,000 tonnes of food waste. In a bid to address this issue innovative restaurants and initiatives such as Tiny Leaf in London and Silo in Brighton have launched. Serving food from local suppliers which would otherwise go to waste, Tiny Leaf creates different menus each day depending on the produce they receive.

Housed in a beautiful four storey venue, Tiny Leaf was set up by chef, writer and food activist Justin Horne as a way to tackle the ever increasing food waste issue. The plan is to turn vegetable peel into crisps, zest all citrus to make oils and dehydrate husks to use in curries and as garnish. All organic waste will be composted, all cardboard, paper and plastic recycled, and any excess veg donated to a community kitchen

What do you think about the ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables?

Elsewhere there is a drive to address the amount of fruit and vegetables that are wasted based on their physical appearance. In France the supermarket Intermarche launched an award winning campaign to change people’s opinions about “ugly” fruit through humour and beautiful design. They drew attention to how unnecessary it is to discard food simply on what it looks like.

In Germany a group calling themselves the Culinary Misfits have set up an organisation which aims to educate people on food waste through fun events and brilliant ideas. They call misshapen fruit and vegetables the misfits and rightly point out that they can be found anywhere, in every city and every food market – they’ll be there. Now is the time to embrace them and celebrate their surprising beauty and flavour rather than throwing them away.

Next time you find some carrots with three legs, an apple with two heads or an aubergine with a big nose snap them up and make something delicious with them to share on your Raki table.

Next up we’ll be sharing a delicious vegetable recipe to try with your misfits.

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