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The Winter Tomato

Dining al fresco under the warm Mediterranean sun, may take some beating, but Yeni Raki’s rich aniseed tone is a flavour for all seasons. As the winter nights draw in we’re taking a deeper look into the ingredients that stand up to the season, to create dishes that make perfect flavour pairings for that cosy dinner party with your nearest and dearest.

Last week we spoke with Ben Coombs, sous chef at London’s Beagle restaurant, let us in on the uniquely winter ingredient he paired with Yeni Raki.

“Camone tomatoes are very special for this time of year. They’re incredible winter tomatoes that are grown in the very middle of the Mediterranean, on the east coast of Sicily. They like salty soil so they  grow really close to the coast, something that Sicily has plenty of.

I much prefer winter tomatoes to the summer varieties. They’re no where near as sweet, they have a real bite to them, you get hit with acid then it goes sweet at the end.”

For his Yeni Raki inspired dish, Ben served his Camone tomatoes with grilled octopus and coriander,  giving his raki table a real taste of the Mediterranean.

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