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Unrush Your World

Rushing through our day we often have a lot of people to meet, things to sort out and places to be. However all this rushing around can mean we miss out on what is important. The small details of our days can make lasting impressions and can make us happier if we look for them.

Inspired by the unrushed tradition of the Rakı Table, we believe that life is better when we slow things down. We believe that only when you slow down do you truly see the things that matter the most. Things like playing with our kids, really listening to friends and family, noticing nature and our surroundings more – these are the things that are important. They’re the moments in life that you can’t put a price on – you can’t fake or replicate.

So for as little as five minutes a day, try it for yourself. Go outside and look for patterns in nature or even in your urban surroundings.

If you need some inspiration check out the Paternity blog where they’re constantly looking for interesting patterns in our everyday life.

Look out the window on the bus into work instead of scrolling through social media on your phone. Change something small in your daily routine like walking a new way into the office. Rather than eating yet another sandwich at your desk, actually take your lunch break. Really listen to your friend when they’re trying to talk to you about something important. Spend ten minutes of your day planning to make something special for dinner, even if it’s a Tuesday.

Make time in your day to #unrush and take notice of the small things in life.

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