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Unrush Your 2017

A lot of people start the New Year with grand plans to change their life, travel the world, lose some pounds, learn something new and other super ambitious resolutions only to hit mid January and all resolutions have been broken. How about this year you keep it simple and make smaller changes to make 2017 amazing? Here our tips to unrush your 2017

1. Be curious

The best people in life are the ones who are the most curious. They ask the best questions, have the best stories, go to the best places and look at life in a way that turns any situation in a fun fest. This year stay curious, look at things

2. Travel

Swim in a sea you’ve never swam in. It’s that simple.

3. Stop dieting

Life is too short to deny yourself the good things and be chained to a strict diet. If you’re really feeling the burn after eating too much over the festive period keep it simple and just make your January portions smaller or get off the train a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

4. Be the first person on the dance floor

Why not?! Don’t wait for others to lead, don’t wait to blend into the crowd. When your favorite jam comes on hit that dance floor and go for it. Make this your life motto.

5) De-clutter

Do you really need that lava lamp you’ve had since you were a student? Are you ever going to wear that £5 dress you bought for a fancy dress party? Probably not. That clutter is weighing you down. Set yourself and your storage space free. If you haven’t used the item in the last 6 months chances are your time together has ran its course. Recycle, donate – get rid of it.

6) Friends: Make your Yeni Raki Table a monthly thing

A new resolution could be to bring together your group of friends together once a month for your own Yeni Raki table. Taking turns to host is an easy approach and a really nice way to get together without one person having to do the work. You can all try out different recipes, hang out and catch up over food and Yeni Raki.


Samuel Beckett said it best… “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Every one makes mistakes, embrace failure and learn from it rather than try to avoid it.

8) Take a social media break

Your world isn’t going to come crashing down if you’re not on Facebook for 24 hours but you might have a better time with your friends. You might see something you wouldn’t have noticed scrolling through instagram and you might find it easier to onrush your world if you’re not distracted by your phone. Try it, you might like it!

9) Call your mum

Don’t text her, don’t email her. Give her a call. Ask her what she’s been doing and really listen to what she says. Your mum is your number 1 fan, be hers everyone once in a while.


Have a great 2017!!



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