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Turkish New Year Traditions

New Year’s eve is a big deal in Turkey, it is marked with big celebrations, parties, friends and family and of course lots of food! We’ll be sharing some great recipes for your New Year’s parties this week. There are also lots of Turkish New Year Traditions, some new and some old. Here are a few of our favourite traditions…

  1. When the clocks strike 12 midnight open your front door and sprinkle salt on the doorstep, this is said to bring peace and abundance to your home for the year ahead.
  2. Running the tap at midnight and letting the water run is another tradition said to bring abundance to the home.
  3. If you are hoping to bring more money and better finances into your life in the new year then open a padlock at the strike of 12.
  4. Going for a short walk is said to bring travel into your life.
  5. Or you could make like thousands of people world wide and go for a swim at your nearest beach whatever the temperature. Swims take place in the Firth of Forth in Scotland too where the water temperature is said to be below freezing.

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