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Turkish Coffee: A Perfect Ending To The Raki Table

We met Iley from Özerlat Turkish Coffee, Cyprus’ oldest and most trusted Turkish coffee makers to discover the secret to a good Turkish coffee.

“Preparation of Turkish coffee is as important as the selection of beans, roasting and grinding process. You can ruin a good bag of ground Turkish coffee if you don’t cook it properly. As any other type of coffee, Turkish coffee is best made using a proper equipment – a Turkish coffee pot, called ‘cezve’.

In our roaster in Cyprus we still use the artisan methods that are inherited from our ancestors, and my father has nicely integrated these methods with modern machinery. What sets Özerlat Turkish Coffee apart is its unique taste, which is a result of a century-old experience.

Recommend: a good quality copper cezve

As the coffee is very finely ground, finer than even espresso, you can not use a filter machine or cafetiere, as the grounds will go through the filter. To make a perfect cup of Turkish coffee, we recommend investing in a good quality copper cezve. Copper is one of the best materials for cooking as it conducts heat very effectively, making it perfect for brewing coffee.

Once you have a proper cezve, making the drink is simple. Add 1 heaped teaspoonful of ground Turkish coffee, 1 small cupful (a demitasse or Turkish coffee cup ‘fincan’) of cold water and sugar, if taken, to the pot. Place the pot on heat, stir until mixed, and leave to brew undisturbed. Watch carefully so it doesn’t boil. What you are looking for is a nice froth forming on top and starting to rise at the edges. As soon as you see this happening, lift the pot from the heat and carefully pour just the froth into your cup. Place the pot back on heat. You can stir once more at this stage. Watch again for the foam to start rising, then lift the pot away from the heat and pour all contents into the cup carefully making sure that you have a nice crema on top. As the grounds are in the cup, allow couple minutes for them to settle. Then enjoy your coffee with a glass of water and a piece of something sweet on the side like Turkish delight or candied fruits.

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