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Top Tips for Fish Dishes

One of London’s best seafood chefs, Luke Robinson Executive Head Chef of seafood restaurant, Bonnie Gull, let us pick his brains for his top tips when cooking fresh fish for friends.

“Make sure you take the fish out of fridge to get it up to room temperature”

“A common mistake people often make with fish, is they cook their fish straight from the fridge. You should always make sure you take the fish out of fridge to get it up to room temperature, otherwise the middle will be stone cold even when the outside is overcooked. If it’s a thin fillet it’ll only take a few minutes.

Cooking fish right

Another tip people often don’t follow is that they cook the fish until it’s complete cooked. Instead, get it to when it’s almost there then let it sit for a couple of minutes- the heat will do the rest. Cooking any fish that’s less than an inch thick, right the way through, runs the risk of it drying out and losing all the juices.

Summer loving: Crab

One of my favourite dishes to cook for a big group of friends in the summer is crab. I love to just buy a load of crabs, boil them all up then they’re perfect to transport. Bring some homemade mayo, a fresh loaf of bread and a big salad. Then everyone can get involved and smash them up together, there’s nothing better than eating all together outside.

Portuguese dish called Bulhão Pato

On colder days, another sharing dish that’s fantastic is a Portuguese dish called Bulhão Pato (check out our recipe here). Just roast some garlic in the oven then add it to some olive oil and lemon juice. Once your clams have opened up, put a nice big spoon of that garlic and lemon in, top with chopped coriander and serve with loads of bread to dip in the sauce. It’s a nice and easy one to do.”

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