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The Raki Table

So you’ve got the basics of Yeni Rakı and how to drink it. Now let us tell you more about the “Rakı Table”.

The Rakı Table is as much a recognised tradition in Turkey as tea in China and sauna’s in Finland. The Rakı Table is where the action happens. Imagine the best dinner party you’ve been to. Surrounded by your favourite people, the food, drinks and conversation flows – that’s pretty much the Rakı Table.

It’s where friends and family come together, connect over good food and share Yeni Rakı. Things slow down and get relaxed. It’s traditional but it’s far from stuffy or boring.

A Rakı Table typically gathers at around 7-7.30pm and starts with the first round of small mezze style dishes and servings of Yeni Rakı.

Such is the mysterious power of Yeni Rakı that people often open up and talk often turns to politics, love, or the meaning of life.

More mezze follows – the perfect culinary companions to a Yeni Rakı evening where you can graze on different tastes all night. Food is an important factor at The Rakı Table, appreciating local produce and the talents of the chef is all part of the ritual. It’s a chance to really savour each mouthful over a long dinner where food and drink go hand in hand.

There is always a soundtrack to the Rakı Table, one that often culminates with people dancing on the tables before the end of the night! The Rakı Table normally disperses around midnight. Thanks to the rounds of mezze there’s no unsteady, wobbling off into the distance, there’s only the parting of full bellied souls.

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