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Recipe: Cappon Magro from Genoa by Raki & Fish Book

Here’s another recipe from Tan Morgül’s Raki and Fish book. We hope you like your kitchen scales, this delicious recipe requires chef-like precision, that’s sure to ‘wow’ your raki table.

Courtesy of Moreno Cedroni, Restaurants; La Madonnina Del Pescatore, Aniko, Clandestino

(Serves 4)


  • 100gr white cabbage, sliced thinly
  • 100gr broccoli
  • 100gr carrots
  • 3lt water with 30gr salt for cooking
Green sauce:
  • 20gr parsley leaves
  • 100gr extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 gr balsamic vinegar
  • 7gr white vinegar
  • 70gr celery
  • 30 gr carrots
  • 8gr white onions
  • 20gr boiled egg yolks
  • 20 gr salt
Bread aspic:
  • 50gr bread cut into thin slices
  • 210gr water
  • 40gr sugar
  • 15gr salt
  • 3.5gr agar agar
  • 2.5gr isinglass
  • 85gr white vinegar
  • 700gr yellow gurnard or seabass
  • 400gr caramote prawns, parboiled briefly
  • 200gr raw red prawns
  • Celery, sliced and soaked in cold water
  • Dried tuna roe
  • White pepper

-Boil cabbage, broccoli and carrots in water add salt; plange into ice water to cool, and drain well.

-To prepare the green sauce: Put the ingredients in food processor one by one and chop and mix; there should still be some distinct pieces.

-To prepare bread aspic: Cut bread into 1cm slices, place in a small, shallow container. Boil 210gr water, add 40gr sugar, 1.5gr salt. Add 3.5gr agar agar and 2.5gr isinglass, stir till dissolved. Remove from heat, add 8.5gr white vinegar, and pour over oread. When set, cut into small cubes

-For the fish, clean and fillet 700 gr of yellow gurnard (or sea bass) and simmer it until tender, boil 400gr of caramote prawns for few seconds, leaving the 200gr of the red prawns raw.

-Cut some slices of celery and put in water and ice.

-To serve: Spread the cabbage on a serving dish, followed by the carrots, broccoli caramote prawns and raw red prawns, the bread aspic and top with the sauce. Garnish with tuna roe and celery; add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a few grinds of white pepper.

Share, savour, enjoy!

Recipe: Cappon Magro from Genoa by Raki & Fish Book pinit fg en rect red 28

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