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Raki and Fruit

The sweet and citric tones of many fruits offset Yeni Raki’s aniseed flavour so beautifully -it’s no wonder that whether you’re on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus or across a mezze filled table, it’s highly likely that a platter of fruit will be presented at some point.

With countless combinations, we looked to our Raki 20 dinner series for a few, more unusual combinations that are well worth a try.

Mandarin was a strong favourite, featuring heavily in cocktails from both POND and Ziloufs. creating sharp citrus cocktails, playing to the spirit’s aniseed tones. Ziloufs added passionfruit whereas POND paired the flavours with Cherry Herring and Sweet Vermouth.

In the dessert stakes POND played with citrus once again, this time with a pineapple (pickled and bruléed no less), whilst 100 Hoxton added  lime, mango and candied chilli to their panna cotta and Dabbous served their table a wonderfully delicate dish of poached quince.

The beauty of pairing raki with fruit is that you don’t even need to make lots of preparation or cooking. During his travels across Turkey last summer, chef John Gregory Smith loved to pair the drink with wedges of fresh watermelon. Melon is a responding favourite across the raki tables that are shared on our twitter and instagram. Sharing dishes of grapes, cherries, peaches and figs. These combinations are found through trial and error but it’s absolutely no science, choose what you fancy and experiment!

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