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Raki Dinner Table Centre Piece

You won’t hear many complaints over a table full of delicious meze, but sometimes a raki table calls for an additional centre piece. In case there’s any doubt, by centre piece we’re not talking about flowers – the more space taken up by fancy florals, the less there is for humus. We know what we’d rather have.

On the food front, a dish to be worthy of such a prestige needs to meet some key criteria:

It needs to be sizeable

Large enough for the whole table to tuck into it and perhaps even have second helpings. If it’s a winner with the table, everyone will want more.

It must look the part

It plays the lead role on your table so should look worthy of your guest’s attention – presentation is key. A whole fish with the head still attached, a big joint of lamb, an extra large swirling borek pastry, all are suitable candidates to make your guest’s mouth water.

Keep flavours simple

How it tastes is the up-most importance. If something’s a bit rough around the edges but tastes divine, who’s complaining? Play it safe and stick to dishes that your guests know and love. Leave the experimental flavour combinations for your meze.

Give it an entrance

Show off your hard work by presenting it whilst your guests are seated. In our Raki 20 dinner series, The Barge House presented a flaming tray of frogs legs for the wow factor, there was no doubt what was the star of the show.

Serving it up

If it’s a joint of meat that needs carving, or a fish that need de-boning, nominate one person to do the handwork and serve the rest of the table. Ideally someone who knows what their doing. Perfect to get your table interacting.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be sharing a couple of perfect centrepiece recipes this month that will be sure to wow your guests.

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