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Rakı and Fish Book

To bring you the true spirit of Yeni Rakı we have created Rakı and Fish, a book which saw writer Tan Morgül travel across the Mediterranean and North Africa in search of the best fish recipes to form the perfect accompaniment to Yeni Rakı. Along the way she met top chefs who gave their signature fish recipe, all of which are included in the book.

Split up into city travelogues the book immediately conjures the atmosphere of each culinary stop. We travel through Alexandria, Athens, Barcelona, Beirut, Dubrovnik, Genoa, Lisbon, Marseille, Tangier and Tunisia, visiting fish markets, eating with locals, trading ancient secrets and tips on the best way to stuff mackerel and how to cook the perfect Seafood Fettah.

In this book

We will be bringing you the best recipes from this book and publishing excerpts online so that you too can get lost in the intoxicating sights and smells of some of the most exciting Mediterranean cities and meet some of the most talented chefs from the region. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect as Tan travels through the streets of Barcelona.

“The real “main course” at Can Lluis is the conversation; a true “rakı table,” though the table is far from empty! We’re in Spain, so the requisite plate of black mussels is there. This is followed by calamari dredged in egg and bread crumbs and fried (calamares Romana), cod fritters (buñuelos de bacalao), the house specialty pasta with shrimp, cuttlefish and red pepper (fideva de Can Lluis), and torradetes de SantaTeresa, a dessert similar to the French pain perdu. And of course there is the Catalonian specialty, Escalibada (or escalivada) Catalana amb anxoves o arengada.

The technique of escalivada is for roasting vegetables, the anchovies are laid on top. The fish used is usually sardines or anchovies; there were sardines in the kitchen so that’s what we got. There were also fried potatoes and artichokes. The most popular seafood there included mussels, sea bream, monkfish and of course, cod; but when we went into the kitchen, we saw sole and various rock fish, as well as small fish, probably for frying.”

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