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The Perfect Serve

In our eyes, you just can’t beat the traditional serve of Yeni Raki, first 35ml of Raki, topped up with chilled water and a cube or two of ice. Best enjoyed with the must have elements, of great food, great company and a whole evening to while away.

To make sure you perfect the true Yeni Raki experience every time, here’s our three top tips:

  1. Whereas wine is chosen to compliment the food during an evening, with Yeni Raki the food is selected to compliment its rich aniseed tone.  Whether you turn to the classic combo of raki fish, or go ottoman style mixing and matching mezze dishes, we’ve got an armful of recipes for you to impress your table.
  2. Gather your favourite people. Yeni Rakı deserves to be enjoyed  surrounded by only the best company. You are sharing much more than a spirit and an evening together -you’re sharing a whole experience. So choose wisely!
  3. Lastly, but definitely not least, enjoy Yeni Raki slowly. As with the best things in life, it’s the journey not the destination that’s important. When you’re enjoying Yeni Raki surrounded by perfectly matched food and good company, why would you want to rush things? So, slow the pace right down and while away the evening. Welcome to the art of slow dining.

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