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Ozerlat Coffee

Family business, Ozerlat, have been grinding, brewing and serving the perfect cup of Turkish coffee in Cyprus for over a century. We chatted to Iley, daughter of head roaster about how it is important to maintain the traditions that get you to slow down a little.

Slow down…

“Today, our lives run on a very fast pace. Unfortunately, many of us live our lives without thinking much of the quality of it. I realise this on my holidays. When we’re on holiday, we do things slower; we eat slower, we walk slower, we take photos, we don’t think of anything but the moment. If we can take time out of our daily routine to do the same and slow down, I think we would enjoy what we do more and be happier.

I think it’s very important to maintain traditions that get us slow down. Back home in Cyprus, drinking Turkish coffee is a tradition that people take time out of their days to do. Meeting with a friend, over a nice conversation with your mum, as an after-lunch treat or afternoon pick me up, or as a nice ending to a delicious dinner. I love to drink Turkish coffee on a lazy Sunday morning after breakfast with my husband or after a dinner party along with a piece of Turkish delight with dates and pistachios or candied green walnuts. Having Turkish coffee makes you slow down and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Isn’t this what life should be about?

Gathering family and friends around a raki table

Gathering family and friends around a dinner table on a weekend over some meze and raki is a great Mediterranean tradition. Everyone is there to see each other, to take time to listen and share. It’s a fantastic environment and you leave feeling light and sometimes wiser from all the great conversations you had.

Perfect ending

Turkish coffee is a perfect ending to a raki table. My dream raki table has a lot of small plates including aubergine salad with tahini, humus, choban salad, yogurt with purslane, spicy ezme, pickled octopus, stuffed green peppers and vine leaves, beetroot salad, feta cheese and last but not least grilled pitta. To end in style, I would serve Turkish coffee with a glass of cherry liquor and extra-roasted pistachio Turkish delight. You should leave feeling satisfied with all the delicious flavours.”

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