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Monthly Digital Detox

As we bounce into spring, full of resolutions and plans to be better versions of ourselves there is a lot of focus on health – cutting out this, having less of that and lifting more of those. But with 34% of 25-34 year olds stating that they feel anxious and stressed due to being constantly connected and “ON” what about going on a bit of a digital detox?

It has been proven that having multiple social media accounts can increase the risk of anxiety and depression and the constant dopamine release from notifications, emails and texts can leave your brain frazzled and unable to concentrate on anything for any length of time.

In a recent interview with Charlie Brooker, the writer of the phenomenally successful TV series Black Mirror he admitted to having installed the Moment app on his phone to track how much he checks it. As a writer about the dystopian affects that technology can have on us he found it staggering to find out he was looking at his.

What you can do?

Phone for up to 4-5 hours. Detoxing from all of the digi noise can improve your focus and concentration, your sleep patterns and ultimately your happiness levels. Why not embrace the spirit of slow, get back to a bit more nature and limit the amount of tech you consume over the coming months to see the effects for yourself?

Instead of losing a night scrolling endlessly through Instagram try getting together with friends around a Yeni Raki table once a month? It’s the best place for a digi detox where your focus and attention is all on the food, company and Yeni Raki.

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