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How to drink Yeni Raki

We’re not sticklers for rules around here, but we do believe that there are some time-honoured traditions which deserve to be observed, such as respecting your grandmother and carving pumpkins at Halloween.

Since some of you might not be too familiar with Yeni Rakı just yet, we thought we’d give you five helpful tips that will help you enjoy the perfect Yeni Rakı experience.

1) Yeni Rakı is drank by mixing with water and ice. Often called “Lion’s Milk” on account of the milky colour it turns once mixed with water.

2) Gather your favourite people. Yeni Rakı deserves to be drunk with only the best company where laughter and conversation flows easily.

3) Whereas wine is selected to compliment the food during an evening, with Yeni Rakı the food is selected to compliment the drink. Do it Ottoman style by ordering your favourite mezze dishes as you sip on “Lion’s Milk” throughout the evening.

4) Music! Music is an important ingredient to any night out with Yeni Rakı. In taverns across the Mediterranean, music accompanies many a night fuelled by Yeni Rakı. It’s a drink that deserved a good sound track – preferably something that starts slowly but that will get people dancing by the end of the night!

5) How ever you do it, do it SLOWLY! This isn’t a race to the finish, as with the best things in life, it’s the journey not the destination that is important.

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