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Foodie Backpacker’s Asian travels continue in our second instalment of his travelogue. “Next stop after Jakarta was Bali. It is crazy how many things to do in that amazing island. Only discovering the beaches around the island would take weeks, but I wouldn’t say it is the best thing I found in Bali. Rent a car or a motorbike and then get more inland like I did. I’ve explored the breath taking nature, the rice fields, the waterfalls, never ending green. No wonder why people are falling in love with Bali.

Phuket: Somewhere out of this world

Last stop was Thailand and first stop in Thailand was Phuket. When you take a boat tour and sail in the North of the island, you feel like you are somewhere out of this world. The islands, the landscape is hypnotising. And of course, I had to search for seafood and I’ve found myself in the South of the island, in a fisherman village called Rawai, buying freshly caught seafood from the fisherman and making them cooked in the restaurants across the streets. It still waters my mouth when I think about it. From Phuket I headed to the famous Phi Phi where the traditional sailing boats are decorated with flowers. While sailing, I shot amazing photos with the blue sea, green islands and the colorfull flowers in. Catching monkeys on the beach into the frame would not be a surprise.

And the last stop of my Asia trip. Crazy Bangkok. It is such a crowded and chaotic city, where there somehow is an order in chaos. I did not loose myself in the nightlife, but I surely lost my mind while trying to taste all the street food. After 9 days in Bangkok, I know why it is called the capital of street food.

I’ve spent 7 weeks in Asia, visiting 4 countries. Instead of rushing to see all main attractions, I unrushed my world, created my own path and enjoyed each moment. To make the best out of your trips, do the same and #unrushyourworld.”

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