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How to drink Yeni Raki?

Drink rakı by first adding rakı, then water and continue by adding a couple of ice cubes if needed; always drink your Yeni Rakı chilled. It is important to consume slowly, with mezzes in a warm and vibrant environment.

How to best keep Yeni Raki?

Keep your Yeni Rakı in its original bottle, away from direct sunlight at a cool and dump-free environment.   If the bottle cap is open, seal off the cap tightly and keep it upright in the refrigerator door (at min. 4 C°). It is not recommended to expose it to direct sunlight and keep it at below 4 C° for a long period of time.

How long will Yeni Raki last?

As per the Communiqué on Guidelines of Labelling and Nutrition Labeling of Foodstuffs; “any beverages containing minimum 10% alcohol by volume” do not have any expiry date/shelf life.

Where can i obtain food and drink recipes that are consumed with Yeni Raki?

Rakı is an alcoholic beverage that can be consumed with a variety of meals and mezzes. You can find the recipes of these meals and mezzes through the following link:

What are the calorie, sugar and gluten contents of Yeni Raki?

Product contents of Yeni Rakı are as follows:




Energetic values

kcal/ 100 ml


kJ / 100 ml



g / 100 g



g / 100 g


    -thereof sugar

g / 100 g


Fat / Fett        

g / 100 g


  – thereof saturated fatty acids

g / 100 g



g / 100 g



g / 100 g




What are the key ingredients in Yeni Raki?

Contents of Yeni Rakı are as follows:  *Water *Suma distilled from grapes and raisins *Agricultural Ethyl Alcohol *Aniseed *Refined White Sugar

Why does the color of Yeni Raki change?

The reason lying behind change of the color is the balance of solubility level of the product contents. Due to some alcohol-soluble (not water-soluble) contents derived from aniseed, rakı becomes opaque when water is added.

Can you freeze Yeni Raki?

The alcohol-water mix, containing 45% alcohol by volume, freezes at about -30 C°. If you keep Yeni Rakı at around such temperature degrees, you can observe freezing.  When you keep Yeni Rakı at or below 4 C°, you can see crystallization, which is not a quality error, and when you keep it again at room temperature, it becomes normal. However, preservation of Yeni Rakı under these circumstances for a long period of time and exposure of it to different temperatures, its quality balance may be impaired.

What is the difference between Yeni Raki and other aniseed-based drinks?

Rakı is fundamentally different than other aniseed-based alcoholic beverages. We have a passion for quality, which brings along utilization of an artisanal & time-intensive production process.

The difference of Rakı is that it is 100% pure aniseed spirit. It is produced through a double-distillation process of grapes and aniseed (native to Turkey) only, therefore the anise flavor comes from distillation of aniseed itself, not anise extract or other subsequently-added herbs as in other aniseed spirits. While other seeds can be used in Ouzo, pimpinella anisum is a must-use content in Rakı production. Pimpinella anisum seeds are added to the alembic in order to create a unique flavor. Any other seeds than pimpinella anisum seeds may not be used in Rakı production. That makes Rakı %100 pure aniseed. Additionally; both fresh grapes and raisins can be used in rakı production.  All aromatic contents are derived from the grape alcohol. 

How can i obtain information about a specific product? And what are the other products in Yeni Raki family?

If you want to learn more about our products, please visit our “Family” page on the following link

Is Yeni Raki available in my country?

You can find the list of the countries, where Yeni Rakı is available, at

In which countries is Yeni Raki available?

Since the incorporation of Mey, exportation process of rakı has always taken an important place among the company’s main strategies. While export operations were limited with twenty countries in 2004, today rakı is exported to more than 55 countries, including Germany, USA, UK, Northern Cyprus, Iraq, Benelux, Switzerland, Greece, France, the Turkic Republics, and the Eastern European countries.

At which restaurants is Yeni Raki available in my country?

There is a long list of restaurants where you can find Yeni Rakı. We are sure you can find it somewhere near your home. For information:

Where can i buy It?

Here you can find some points where you can buy Yeni Rakı.
Australia: Dan Murphy’s, BWS
UK: Asda
Germany: Metro, Aldi, Edeka, Real, Kaufland
Austria: Metro,Kaufland, Interspar, Mpreis
France: Casino
Netherlands: Metro, Gall&Gall, Sligro, Hanos, Mıtra
Switzerland: Coop, Prodega Growa, TopCC, Otto’s
Bulgaria: Metro, Kaufland, Billa, Lidl

What does 'Unrush Your World' stand for?
Who is the owner of the product?

Mey İçki was incorporated in 2004 following privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of the Tekel. Mey maintains its operations with two separate companies in Turkey, one of which is engaged in manufacturing operations and the other one of which is responsible for sales and marketing operations. Since 2011, Mey has been working under the umbrella of Diageo, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer operating in nearly 180 countries with offices in 80 countries. Mey’s product portfolio includes Yeni Rakı, Tekirdağ Rakı, Istanblue and Binboa Votkas, Kayra, Terra and Buzbağ Wines.  For more information, please visit:

What is DRINKIQ?

For information, please visit

With which foods does raki best match?
Where can i get updates on specific events and activities of Yeni Raki?

If you want to keep up with updates on specific events and activities of Yeni Rakı, just follow Yeni Rakı’s global facebook page:

Where should i send my internship or job application?

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