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Cousine : Greek-Seafood
Address : Museum’s Square 14A
Phone Number : 00 30 22410 25824

“Dinoris is an elegant restaurant literally leaning against the historical city walls. They have welcomed many members of the elite from Turkey and across the world. The walls of the some 700-year-old building are covered with the photographs of presidents, prime ministers, ministers and bureaucrats.

I start with the salad, which is a restaurant special. The head waiter, Yiorgos (Moltsas), brings a plate with pomegranate, spinach, rocket, tomato and avocado. It tastes very refreshing. However I can’t stop myself from trying the stuffed calamari. They grill these whole and then bake them, before serving them in slices. The fresher the product is, the more delicious it is.

I decide on the seafood linguine as the main course. Yiorgos can’t believe his eyes but who cares. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I will come here again!
The pasta with tomato sauce is extremely tasty, as are the scallops, calamari, mussels and prawns in it. Although I don’t do this very often, I order my second coffee of the day to aid digestion. But Yiorgos thought I could handle even more food! He brings dessert with the coffee. It is a kind of parfait with a cake-like base made of semolina, served with a side of mastic ice cream. I am not a dessert person but this is a light, refreshing dish.

And so we end another night. I paid €55, including drinks. And I will repeat what I said above: it’s worth every cent.”
-review by Ufuk Kaan Altin

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