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Dinner Time Digital Detox

These days our smartphones and tablets come with a whole host of bells and whistles.  Although we’re all for a bit of technology to help the daily grind the 24/7 notifications can make it difficult to maintain a balance. If you’re checking your emails before you’ve left your bed and Instagramming every meal, perhaps a step of the technology treadmill is in order. Starting at dinner time.

In keeping with the ‘unrushed’ traditions of the raki table, we’re introducing the dinner time digital detox, to help you disconnect to your devices and reconnect to your dinner guests. These tips are designed to make you and your fellow diners turn away from Facebook and towards the food and friends right in front of you.

1. Phone Stack:

This one is an easy way to prise the phones from your guests’ little paws. Essentially, it’s a challenge with a forfiet for the loser. All guests are asked to place their phones, faced-down in the centre of the table, in a ‘stack’ -one on top of another. Phones must be on silent. The first person who touches their phone and disrupts the stack must pour the raki for the remainder of the dinner.

2. Do not disturb

Experiment with using ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on your phone and turn your notifications off. So often our phone interrupts us from what we’re doing with completely inane and non-urgent notifications. Putting your phone on vibrate gives your phone the power to do this, by activating the do not disturb function, you can spend dinner in the moment.

3. Make it obvious

If you must use your phone, be aware there’s a difference between some necessary checking and usage and the habitual, mindless phone usage. Here’s a tip to make you more aware of how much you’re using your phone: turn the brightness of your screen all the way up. Every time you take your phone out to use it, you’ll be painfully aware that you’re using your phone and you’re draining your battery, which will help you use your phone only when it’s necessary.

4. Call each other out

As the first glasses are Yeni Raki are being poured out, call for a table agreement to call each other out for mindless phone usage during dinner. We use 5% of the photos we take and waste some of the best moments viewing real life on a screen. Do you really need to take that photo?  Is it essential to message that friend in that moment?

5. Swap your phone for a tablet

When you use a tablet at dinner, everyone notices. It’s not subtle. If you want to text a friend, take a photo, check email -the whole table is going to notice. Encouraging you to answer this questions “Is this moment appropriate for me to have this big device in my hands?”

We hope these tips can help create a social etiquette of a time to enjoy the simple pleasures of old fashioned, face-to-face conversation. As the saying goes, ‘having a good conversation should always be your first meze, let’s make sure it’s a face-to-face one.

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