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Contemporary Culture and Yeni Raki

From the atmospheric streets of Istanbul, to the sun soaked promenades of Lisbon, Yeni Rakı is served throughout the Mediterranean alongside a constant stream of mezze dishes and good company. More so than ever Yeni Rakı is enjoyed by groups of people as they’re brought together over good food and Yeni Rakı.

A lot might have changed in Turkey since Rakı was first drank back in 1510, however the ritual around drinking Yeni Rakı still prevails throughout contemporary culture. It brings together people of all ages, from all backgrounds to enjoy each other’s company over good food and Yeni Rakı.

Because drinking Yeni Rakı is a cultural activity, not a solitary enterprise, the drink is never enjoyed without good company or good food. Mezze dishes cover the table including rice-stuffed mussel shells, cucumber and yogurt salad, plump shrimp tossed with oil and lemon juice, deep-fried calamari, pickled beets, roasted eggplant, bean salad, köfte, stuffed courgette flowers and a whole host of other delicious options.

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