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The Bounty of December

This winter we’ve been asking some of the world’s most renowned chefs what would be their favourite dishes to pair with Yeni Raki. From grilled Octopus to spit-roast lamb, no two answers were the same, however their resounding theme was -it depends on the season.

Eating seasonally is something our forebears did as necessity, but now with our vegetables grown in heated greenhouses and clocking up more air miles than the average household holiday it’s easy to ignore what produce is naturally good and ready to eat of the moment.

John Gionleker, head chef of London restaurant, Peckham Bazaar urges his chefs to do their own shopping, “Normally seasonal ingredients are easier to find and more often than not, of better quality and at the right price.”  He believes making the trips to the markets themselves is definitely worthwhile “It’s much easier to be seasonal as a chef, when you have an innate understanding of what’s available.”

“We do at Beagle is use seasonal produce”

London chef, Ben Coombs hold  a similar views “One of the things we do at Beagle is use seasonal produce” He used the turnip as a key ingredient in the dinner he created for his raki table this month. “Turnip often gets overlooked but it’s an amazing vegetable. It puts nitrogen back into the soil when it grows. Without nitrogen -you wouldn’t be able to grow anything. It does this fantastic job.”

Fantastic ingredients that would sing at any raki table in December are fish such as clams, halibut, hake, haddock, John Dory, dover sole, lemon sole, pollack, plaice, monkfish, skate, scallops, squid, sea bass, turbot and winkles.

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