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Barge House’s Raki Cocktail

Yeni Raki of course, is best served traditionally -a pour of Yeni Raki in a highball glass followed by chilled water and perhaps a couple of cubes of ice (each to their own).

However just sometimes, it’s nice to do something a little different -have you ever thought of putting Yeni Raki into a cocktail? Its rich aniseed flavour is so versatile, it makes a great ingredient. In our Raki 20 slow dining series in London, we’ve let some of the UK’s top mixologist play with the spirit to create some unique cocktails.

At one of our latest raki table’s at London’s hot newcomer, the Barge House -their Cocktail expert, Helen Sabin came up with some innovative Yeni Raki concoctions inspired by the food’s flavour notes and the drink’s heritage.

Below is the recipe for one of our favourites, The Turkish Delight. This is a twist on the classic cocktail, the French 75.  Designed for guests to interact with and perfect their drink by pouring Yeni Raki themselves.

The Turkish Delight

Ingredients per serving:
  • 20ml Yeni Raki
  • 20ml Creme Cassis
  • 20ml Hendrix Gin
  • 1 Lemon
  • Prosecco (to top up)
  • A single, fresh blueberry
To serve:
  • A champagne flute
  • A small bottle

Pour equal measures of Yeni Raki with Creme Cassis into a small bottle and shake well.

In a cocktail shaker pour the gin, sugar syrup together and add a good squeeze of lemon juice. Shake and strain into a champagne flute. Top up with Prosecco and drop in the blueberry.
Serve the bottle and glass together, and encourage your guests to pour the Yeni Raki and Cassis mix to taste.

It may not be our favourite way to enjoy Yeni Raki, but it makes a brilliant second.

Share, savour, enjoy!

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