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A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is officially right around the corner. It is the time to be with friends and family; the time to turn on your out of office and revel in the knowledge that everyone else is on holiday so you won’t be missing any important emails. It is the perfect time to enjoy a slower pace of life.

However, for some Christmas can also be a stressful time of year. Whether you’re hosting Christmas at your house, travelling to relatives or spending it with friends, we have pulled together a helpful list for avoiding the stress and slowing down.

Quality over quantity

This applies to the plans you make, the presents you buy and the ingredients you use. If you try to squeeze in too many plans and people you’ll probably end up exhausted, you won’t feel like you’ve spoken to anyone properly and you’ll end up frazzeled by the end of December. Try planning key events and catch-ups with people you’ll really enjoy spending time with or those who you’re closest to. Wouldn’t you rather have quality time with friends rather than a collection of snatched conversations and stressed arrangements.

The night before Christmas

If you’re hosting Christmas at your house, try to prepare as much as possible the night before and get everyone involved. Creating a meal together is a great way to catch up with family and a great way to reconnect if you haven’t seen each other for a while.

Take a moment

Christmas can be a very hectic time and before you know it you’re 4 pounds heavier, Christmas has gone by in a blur and you’re not sure what happened. No matter what you’re doing over the festive period try to take a moment and appreciate who you’re with and what you’re doing. Perhaps you can let people know how much you appreciate seeing them or take a step back and soak up laughing with friends, cuddles with your cousins or close conversations with your grandparents. Life is precious – appreciate it!


We’ve all been there. It’s the 29th December, you can’t stomach another meal, you feel sluggish, your head hurts and you can’t motivate yourself to do anything other than scroll through social media in a distracted haze. Well how about getting up off that sofa, putting on your trainers and running your way towards 2016?! Exercise is a proven way to release endorphins and make you feel better. Don’t go crazy and try to run a marathon, a gentle run around the park is all it needs to revive you back from your food coma.

Nothing is perfect

Let go of your ideas of the perfect turkey/nutroast/present/tree/Christmas. Perfect doesn’t exist, life happens and it happens when you’re stressing over making everything perfect so try to let go and enjoy whatever may come your way.

Merry Christmas from Yeni Raki!


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